IMarketing Planning

Marketing Planning
Combining social media with the tried and true to achieve single minded objectives, making productivity the fifth “P”.

Applying positioning and design to all aspects of product/service delivery at the corporate level and all customer interfaces.

Communication Planning
Demanding precision in defining WHAT is to be communicated to WHOM, WHEN and WHERE.

Creative Execution
Getting it all done on strategy, on time and on budget by assigning the best combination of in house staff and external resources for each project.

Applying qualitative and quantitative tools to produce actionable, cost effective information and measure results in ways that are meaningful to the business.

Putting it all together to ensure message consistency across all media  all the time.



qStrategic and Business Planning

Strategic and Business Planning
From sustainability – to start-ups – to corporate organization and tax planning we have the experience and knowledge to prepare the comprehensive business and/or strategic plans you need to move your business forward. Our industry specific knowledge and experience can add real value and insight to your Business and/or Strategic Plans.



$Financial Management & Advisory Services

Accounting Services
Our senior professionals have over 30 years of in-depth business and financial reporting experience in a wide variety of industry sectors including manufacturing and processing, retail/wholesale, agriculture, aquaculture, biosciences, transportation, construction, tourism, energy, healthcare, food and beverage, accommodations, and insurance/financial services.

Financing & Financial Re-structuring
Business enterprises routinely require debt financing for a wide variety of purposes, including capital asset acquisitions, working capital needs, financial re-organizations and growth through merger or acquisition. Our experienced and creative professionals can help your business identify the most appropriate lending institutions, and structure long-term debt arrangements to suit your requirements and match your cash flow capabilities; all at competitive market rates.

Financial projections
We have the in-house CA professionals required to generate the financial projections needed for solid business and strategic planning.



UHuman Resources Services

Human Resources Services
HR Management Services encompass the breadth and depth of human resource planning, recruitment and retention, training and development, change management strategies, policy development, organizational design, conflict resolution, discipline, pay and benefit administration, staffing and resourcing, performance management, succession planning, and employment equity.

Organizational Planning and Development
1. Providing direction so individuals and teams know how they can help achieve the goals of the organization;
2. Analyzing alternative courses of action and their likely consequences;
3. Helping reduce uncertainties in times of constant change;
4. Minimizing subjective, impulsive, or reactive decision making; and
5. Identifying appropriate allocation of human resources to ensure maximum efficiency in times of both scarcity and abundance.

Labour Market Research
We conduct labour market research in the areas of supply and demand, labour mobility, educational attainment, regulatory environments, attrition, impact of technology, compensation, demographics, qualification or licensure recognition, trends, and best practices.




Our team has completed countless research and evaluation projects for various private and public sector clients, including:
– Market demand assessments (size, growth, segmentation, competition);
– Regulatory environment and underlying trends and drivers;
– Potential competitive products and technology;
– Feasibility analysis;
– Commercialization of products and services; and
– Various internal evaluations