Alliance 361°

Alliance 361° competes at local, regional and national levels by offering state of the art consulting services in business and financial strategy, marketing and communication, and human resources. This allows any of the member firms to call upon a resource pool of unexcelled breadth and depth any time our clients need it.

sharpgrouplogo2 The Sharp Group

Marketing, Strategy, Execution and Evaluation. A virtual marketing agency anchored in Prince Edward Island that brings national experience to the solution of regional problems by:

1. Applying the experience of three senior partners (Don Baker, Craig MacLeod, Eric Riordon) who together have seen most of it (you’ve never seen it all).
2. Assigning in house staff with proven track records across a broad range of disciplines covering business strategy, marketing communication and graphic design.
3. Acquiring specialized external talent when the assignment can benefit from it.

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